Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Educational Information

Tonight is a total eclipse , It's a lunar eclipse. It will be like this for us. And the sky is clear so we can see it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mostly some pictures

Well the trip is well and truly over now, it feels like a long time since we left for Bristol at the begining of December.
I enjoyed it while we were away but I have thought since it was rather an undertaking, it never felt like we couldn't manage but we didn't get much in the way of time to stop and think about it.
Since we've been back in Victoria we've got back into all the normal activities, dance, gym, sportball, and LLL for me. I lead my first series meeting for my new group on friday and everyone seemed to think it when well. There was a good numberof mum's especially since there's not been a meeting since November.

This weekend we visited the BC ferries open day on their new ferry there were long ques, longer than the organisers expected. I thought it was OK, we got to see the bridge and some staff areas, but mostly it was just showing everyone what the new ships looked like.

Today we watched the Chinese Communities celebration of Chinese New Year with the Lion dance.
Here's a collection of Pic's I've just put up they cover a range of stuff, there must be more on Richard's machine which I'll have to find.

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