Thursday, May 29, 2008


I keep thinking I'll post once I get the photo's off the camera, I don't seem to be managing that so I thought I should write something anyway.
Liam's birthday has been and gone now, he chose to go to Boston Pizza for dinner and has spent lots of time on the lego he received in the post. Hi s biggest excitement seems to be the loose tooth he has currently 'I'm only eating hard food today'. It's been bugging him that none of his teeth were falling out and he was almost seven. I just hope the next set have all their enamel.

I've been out to dinner twice this week, I think that might double the amount of resturants I've been to in Victoria.

Izabel is doing lots of pushing on her arms and sometimes starts to get the middle section off the ground. She is very keen on broccoli, bananas, pumpkin yams (kumara), squash and chicken.

Madeline has toilet trained it was very quick once we started with her, and now she's not in nappies at all, even at night.

We have a big weekend coming up this weekend, Liam and Madeline are both in Thumbelina, their Dance schools production. Today they have the tech rehearsal and saturday afternoon is the performance. They both seem enthusiastic, but not nervous - so far.

Friday afternoon we go to see Cirque de Soleil I got the tickets as a birthday treat for Liam, when I told him about them he was very unenthusiastic, "I've been to the circus", still he's pretty keen now.

There's a definate summer hint in the air, some days are glorious other s are a little cloudy, apparently it rained yesterday, but that must have been while I was sleeping.

Sunday, May 04, 2008