Sunday, October 26, 2008

So as you can see from the pictures in the last post we had a party with cake for the 1st birthday. Thrifty's the grocery store here does a free cake for first birthdays. They have quite a good bakery so it wasn't a bad cake.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the kids enjoyed having friends to play and there weren't too many people so it din't feel overwelming for Izabel either. she got some presents too, which was unexpected especially since I planned the party between wednesday and friday, and most people didn't get invited till friday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today was the Breastfeeding challenge again. Last year it was outside and very cold. Today is a lovely warm day, but the challenge was set up at a movie theatre, I think it worked well as a venue. The unfortunate thing was that the microphone wasn't working. I don't know how many people were there but the theatre was full. The girls and I went and I/we got two prizes, one for how long I've been breastfeeding and one for how old my eldest nurser is. We saw lots of people we know from all sorts of places so it was a fun morning.

Liam's off at a birthday party for two of the children from his class. cake and bouncy castle, not sure how he'll be when he returns!
He's settled into school really well and has made lots of friends both in his class and generally in the playground (I know you're all really surprised by that). I feel like I've meet lots of new people too.

Madeline's enjoying preschool and its going well. She turned four last week and is concerned that her friends haven't come for a party. We took cupcakes to strong start (a preschool thing that Izabel and I go to too) and the kids iced them and sang happy birthday, she was pleased with that but wants a party with cake and goodie bags. I'm planning to do something but I haven't figured it out yet. We also have Izabel's birthday next week and we need to do something for that too.

Aunty Meg has been to visit which we all enjoyed. Madeline doesn't really think people should get to leave again, or if anyone's going on a plane she should get to go too. She's feeling a bit disappointed this weekend, no party, no plane, Liam has a goodie bag and she doesn't. Still she's had several presents she really likes.

Izabel is trying to stand up and she manages it for several seconds she walks around the furniture very successfully.

The weather is cooling down quite quickly and the days are very much shorter, these last two weeks I have had to convince the children that it is time to get up and moving even thou Madeline is convinced its not morning.

It's thanksgiving weekend here this weekend and I am thankful to still be here, in this house and not moving house or country this month. I am not doing a turkey. I do see the appeal of thanksgiving as a holiday thou, it all about friends family and food without the trouble of gifts.